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4 Week Execution Sprint

The  Midday Connect 4 week execution sprints are extensions of the most popular expert speaker presentations.  To lead a sprint the expert must agree to offer a steep discount on their services of executing and implementing the tool, framework or strategy they presented.  There will be 5-10 companies accepted to each sprint cohort and will meet via Zoom 1-2 times per week for 1 hour and also have ~5 hours of  "homework" each week.  The sprints will cost $1,000 for each accepted company.

The intent of the sprint is to have each company launch/implement the sprint tool, framework or strategy in their company by the end of week 4.

All About The Midday Connect

Image by Philipp Mandler

Marketing Automation

Accepting Applications now

4 weeks and you get the 3 most critical marketing automation campaigns launched for your company.

Sprint led and provided to Midday Connect Members by:

Chase Frost - Longship Systems




Fund Raising Pitch Prep

Coming Soon

4 weeks and you get a vetted pitch deck and practice with investors

Sprint led and provided to Midday Connect Members by:

Tim Cooley - ViaCap



Coming Soon
Analyzing the data

Making Your Data Work for You

Coming Soon

4 weeks to audit your data and set and launch strategy to reduce customer churn or acquire new customers

Sprint led and provided to Midday Connect Members by:

Tim Kapp - Kereon Intelligence



Coming Soon


Week 0:

In preparation for week 1 participants will need to complete a brand script at

Week 1:

Zoom meeting - mastermind around storybrand and Cover the  INDOCTRINATION automation campaign

Week 1 Homework: 

Use the Indoctrination template to write your 3 emails and have them complete by week 2. 


Week 2:

Zoom meeting - Create Long-term Nurture  campaign - Pick 3 topics for Long Term Nurture emails

Week 2 Homework:

 Finish email Templates for Long Term Nurture campaign


Week 3:

Zoom meeting - Create Cross-sell/downsell  topics and campaign


Week 3 Homework:

Write emails for Cross-sell/Downsell campaign.


Week 4 Zoom - Train on how to use all three campaigns and go live with all of the campaigns.

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