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45 minutes every Tuesday at 11am MT

Creating Scalable, Bankable, Investable, Sellable/Buyable Businesses

What We Talk About

Creating a Scalable, Bankable, Investable, Sellable/Buyable Business

Get Funding

What funding is best for you?

Get Customers

Get, Keep, Grow

Get Efficient

Operations, Scale, Automation


4 Week Execution Sprints

The Midday Connect: The Why & the What?

No time for long webinars, seminars or panel discussions?  


The Midday Connect is a short, way to meet new people, learn relevant business subjects and execute them in your business immediately.

We meet every Tuesday at 11am MT for 45 minutes.

Not a "selling services" group

  • 10 minutes: Networking

  • 10-12 minutes: Expert presentation on a tool, template or strategy

  • 15-20 minutes: Q&A and discussion

Professor Lecturing on Stage

Upcoming Events

  • The Midday Connect
    We meet at 11am MT every Tuesday
    On Zoom
    We meet at 11am MT every Tuesday
    On Zoom
    Weekly, online, meeting focused on networking, learning and execution. Register once and get notified each week about the topic and speaker.
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